Call me greedy, but I love having two Bank Holidays in May. They turn the month into a Good Times sandwich, which is pretty great. You know what happens when you have too many sandwiches though, or if you eat those sandwiches without wearing sun cream? That’s right, you get unwell/hurt.

Alright, my sandwich analogy might have gotten away from me, but since it wasn’t that long ago that we talked about staying safe when you’re out and about for a long weekend, we’ll just cut right to the chase this time. Bank Holidays always tend to put extra pressure on NHS services, particularly in emergency departments (that’s the proper name for A&E), so look after yourself this weekend.

Prevention is obviously the best way to help yourself and your NHS (let me link to our last blog again to really drive it home), but sometimes accidents happen. We’ve got a great guide to services for you to help you decide where to go for the quickest, most appropriate treatment for what ails you, so be sure to take a look.

It’s worth remembering that your local pharmacy and GP practice might have different opening hours over the weekend, so check out the NHS Choices site for pharmacies near you, and visit your GP surgery’s site for details of when they’re open.

If you’re unwell and you’re not sure where you should go, or if you need some general advice, give NHS 111 a call. A trained adviser will ask you some questions about what’s wrong, and will be able to direct you to the best care for your needs.