Every year I tell myself I’m going to make a resolution and actually follow it through. Well, we’re a week in and it’s about the time I start to wobble with the changes I’ve made, and I’m probably not alone. But hey, new year’s resolutions are about self-improvement, right? Maybe this year is the year that I stick with it and succeed. And I know you can too!

To make that easier for all of us, here’s three tips to help you keep your resolution. Not decided on a resolution yet? No probs. There’s a few suggestions coming up, so why not give one of those a go? I believe in you!

One and done

Making loads of resolutions can feel a bit daunting a week in, especially if they’re all about changing habits or behaviour. Stick to one resolution that you can really focus on, and you’ll be more likely to manage it.

Our suggestion: be more active.

It’s a nice general one because you can be involved with it as you like. From adding a half hour walk to your daily routine, to trying a Couch to 5K, being a bit more active can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

Lists are your friends

Change is hard, and you might hit a point where it feels like you’re actively torturing yourself instead of doing something good. In those moments make a list of all the great things that will come from you keeping your resolution, and how it’ll help you long-term.

Our suggestion: quit smoking.

List all the things you’ll be able to do with the money you’ll save, or the activities you’ll be able to do without feeling short of breath. The NHS Smokefree app can help you to stick to your guns.

Treat yo’self

Each time you reach one of your mini-goals, reward yourself with something small. It’ll give you a boost and encourage you to keep going. And you totally deserve it!

Our suggestion: eat more fruit and veg.

Hit that five-a-day sweet spot and up how much fruit and veg you’re eating. It’s easier than you think, and probably a lot more delicious too, so why not make your treats a healthy snack you’ve made yourself?

If you’re anything like me, there’s bound to be inevitable slip-ups with your new routine. Don’t stress it if you fall back into old habits from time to time. It happens, and it’s not anything you should feel bad about. Look at it as a minor setback, not a reason to give up. With that in mind, good luck with your resolutions. I believe in you!