Why hello! Welcome to the site. Pull up a chair, get comfy. We’ve got some things to talk about.

This site aims to present healthcare, prevention and NHS services to you in a way that’s accessible and, dare we say it, mildly entertaining.

This year the NHS turns 70, and we’ve been looking to the future. It’s no secret that the NHS is under pressure, and if we want it to last another 70 years we need to take steps to ensure it’s well looked after. The key to this is you.

If you guys are using the NHS in the right way, and are taking ownership of your own health and the health of those around you, we’ll have already taken a massive step to secure its future. This site aims to help you do that.

We wanted to create something engaging that makes our info easier to understand without talking down to you. We wanted the messages to be friendly and accessible without detracting from what they’re saying. Most importantly, we wanted the site to be memorable, shareable and likeable so that you guys really take notice and remember the info, and know where to go to access it again if and when you need it.

We’ve got a lot we’d still like to do with Stay Well in Dorset, and we’re still looking for young people to test it and tell us what we can do to make the site engaging and useful to you.

Take a look around. Marvel at the picture of the ducks wearing bobble hats. Then tell us what you think.


The Stay Well in Dorset Team