Winter checklist 

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Easy read – Plan for winter

1. Make sure you have your flu and COVID-19 vaccines. This will protect you, your family and friends.

2. Protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus by:

  • Taking lateral flow tests
  • Meeting outside when you can
  • Washing your hands
  • Letting fresh air in
  • Wearing a face covering

3. Do not leave it to the last minute to get your prescriptions.

Make sure you have all the medicine you will need.

4. Try to help your family or friends if they need to leave hospital.

5. Get help early if you do not feel well. You could:

  • Speak to your doctor
  • Call NHS 111
  • Speak to your local pharmacy

6. Please take care not to slip, trip or fall in bad weather.

7. Check on your friends, family and neighbours to see if they are ok.

8. Try to keep your home warm. You may be able to get help to pay for your heating.

9. Remember the 5 steps to wellbeing:

  •  Talk to other people
  •  Be as active as possible
  •  Learn new skills
  •  Look at what is going on around you
  • Support other people.

10. Be kind to everyone you meet.